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French - Beginner, intermediate and advanced

Spanish - Beginner, intermediate

"Welcome to your Language Journey! Congratulations!

Let me help you dream about

your future travels,

and teach you Modern French or Spanish.

I will guide you and make you feel at ease.” 


There is nothing more exciting than speaking a new language and it is also intimidating. The possibilities are endless when you learn another language and it opens your world to a global community.

You will learn not only the language and grammar, but also its culture, places to discover, gastronomy, and its fun facts.

My mission is to get you to fluency faster, boosting your communication and comprehension. You will gain a native-like pronunciation as well as the confidence to understand and speak.

I have developed a Modern Approach that empowered many Professionals like you planning a trip to France, Mexico or needed to improve their skills either for travels, work, relationships, or discovery & well-being. 

I created lots of fun quizzes and cultural discoveries and will teach you through traveling tips, local expressions, and dialogues.

I am fron Lyon, France. I lived and worked in different countries, and I speak 3 languages. I taught French for Government Programs, Lawyers, and Disney Executives for Berlitz Language Schools. I taught Art in Mexico for 3 years at the American School. I worked in France and in England for big corporations (Chanel, Body Glove, Dassault, Danone, Playtex, British Aerospace. Bristol City Council).

I teach Adults, Company Executives, Professionals, and retirees with the Long Beach Lingual Insitute. I help with vacationing or relocating to France.

Unlike other schools, I teach Modern French, the one that is currently used in Paris. If you take Spanish classes with me, I teach Spanish spoken in Mexico. My students feel refreshed and happier after their class, as I take great care in every course I teach. I am a true advocate of Joie de Vivre (joy of life).

Get in touch today so I can help you get to the next level and engage in your new journey!

Talk soon!

"To Learn a Language, it gives you Wings"

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Spanish - Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Just in time, when I graduated as a translator, I had the opportunity to embark on a big adventure that would change my life.

An artistic journey led me to the discovery of a world beyond my wildest dreams. 

New fantastical places and people took root in my soul and were instrumental in helping me conjure up my dream of creating a career as a singer and performer.

The journey extended for a few years. I had the chance to explore and enjoy Latin America’s colors, the northern landscapes, the majestic and imposing European architecture, the delicious gastronomy with its traditional recipes, and the magic of every country I visited. I fell in love with each of their peculiarities.

The language and cultural content I could only read about at college finally came to reality and became a treasure I own in my heart.

I learned that we all have collective feelings and thoughts.

 Language is the powerful force between ourselves and a new transforming experience of connecting with a global community. 

I invite YOU to get you closer to the rich and endless culture of the Hispanic world.



Italian - Beginner and Intermediate
English - Beginner, intermediate, and advanced

Il brutto e bello. The ugly and beautiful. There is no perfect place. Every town, state, country or culture simultaneously holds both the ugly and the beautiful. After living for 12 years in Tuscany, I have come to see that often these two opposite aspects of a place are part of the same. For example, the sometimes painfully slow process of getting things done in Italy (il brutto) because government offices work half days or appointments can only be made between a two hour time frame in the afternoon 3 days out of the week, etc, etc, feels like something to complain about, but once you understand the motivation for this, which is the Italian’s love and respect for family and free time, you come to respect and appreciate these realities and see it as good (il bello).
While I may not have impeccable grammar, I have come to love the language and culture of my new home and I am passionate about sharing both the brutto and bello with you in fun and educative ways.
Cominciamo! Let’s get started!
Shannon Askay Vannucci is a native from California, a lover of language and cultures and a life long student of both. She teaches yoga as well and is a passionate surfer.

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English - Master Pronunciation Coach

I’ve lived in 5 countries, and I know what it feels like to not be able to say and do what I want. Do you feel like you are limited in your opportunities and happiness? Nobody should feel this way.
For over a decade, I’ve been building, testing, and applying my own methods, backing them up with studies in linguistics at Canada’s top university. Today, I speak 5 languages fluently.
The process I teach is quite simple, and can be broken down into a few easy steps:
1- Become deeply aware of your mouth.
2- Re-train it to sound like a native speaker.
3- Master what’s important to YOU.
It really is that simple.

My mission is to make the world a closer, more connected place, where language is what brings people together, rather than what separates us.
My goal is to give you all the tools you need to speak clearly and confidently, and naturally, as quickly as possible, so that instead of spending the rest of your life taking English classes, you can finally enjoy it.
If you’re a busy person who realizes how important it is to speak English confidently and clearly, you’re not happy with what you sound like in English, and you want to improve quickly, book a free
consultation session with me, and we’ll see how I can help you.

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