Set in the 18th arrondissement, the charming hilltop Montmartre district (also known as "La Butte") is a former artists' village once inhabited by Picasso and Dalí, and home to the domed Sacré-Cœur basilica. There are sweeping views of the city from its steep, winding streets, while the iconic Moulin Rouge cabaret below draws tourists and nightclubbers. Retro-cool bars and eateries dot the edgy quartier.

Let me invite you to stroll Rue Lepic. C’est l’une des rues les plus renommées de la butte Montmartre.

Rue Lepic is one of the most famous (and one of the liveliest) streets in Montmartre. The itinerary starts in Place Blanche, near to the mythical Moulin Rouge cabaret, and finishes in Place du Tertre, the heart of Montmartre.

What I like about the Rue Lepic is that you can have a scope of authentic products from all over France.


One thing that as the Cheese Queen I need to tell you, is to go to this Fromagerie.

Never forget what Charles de Gaulle once said: "How can anyone govern a nation that has 258 varieties of cheese?" (Comment voulez-vous gouverner un pays où il existe 258 variétés de fromage ?)

You simply cannot image the array of cheese available in this compact little boutique. This is one of the most loved fromagers for the local people who call Montmartre home. You can find more than 100 types of cheeses from all over France. Each cheese is made in only one geographical area of France: for instance, if you get a Rocamadour (my favorite goat cheese, part of the family of goat cheeses called Cabecous), you have a foretaste of one of the most vertigineous village of France: Rocamadour in the South of France in the Lot. It's one of the stops along the historic pilgrim’s route of Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle.

A visit at this Fromagerie (cheese shop) guarantees you'll eat excatly as the French do. Bear in mind the clerks do not speak English, so contact me for a crash course on how to order cheese if you need to... https://www.lblingualinstitute.com/pricing or just point at the cheese that you want. Remember: NEVER SAY I WANT in French... it's rude...

We say.. I WOULD LIKE = JE VOUDRAIS. (I know you think we are rude... but I do not speak French in L.A when I shop... people will think I have lost my marbels! Right? America is America, and France is France. Pardon my French!

CAFE DES 2 MOULINS - 15 rue Lepic

Well, do you remember the movie "Amelie" ? (the firstname of my great grand mother)

Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain de Jean-Pierre Jeunet. He is from the Rhone Valley area like me.

So you have to go there and order "La creme dessert Amélie". But if you can't yet, start watching the witty and creative movies made by this amazing French movie Director.

His films mix elements of fantasy, realism and science fiction either to create idealized realities or to give relevance to mundane situations. A former animator, his movies are marked by quirky, slapstick humor, alongside surrealist visuals. (César Award for Best Film, César Award for Best Director). My favorites are "Delicatessen" and "the City of Lost Children". If you love the actress of Amelie, Audrey Tautou, you will enjoy "A Very Long Engagement" or "Chanel No. 5: Train de Nuit"