Updated: Sep 7

🇫🇷 A romantic, festive, and trendy district, the charm of the Marais lies in its cobblestone streets, historical spots, and quirky boutiques. Straddling the Paris Centre arrondissement, this district with a village feel was built on marshland (‘marais’ in French), hence its name. Parisians and visitors alike love to come here for a stroll, as it is a great place to spend time and/or go shopping.

🇫🇷 Traveling tip: As one of my French students asked recently for a recommendation for a safe shuttle from the Airport to her hotel, here is my recommendation: https://www.bt-transfer.com/index.php?lang=en

-Rsvp in advance

-Give 40mn after landing time to allow you to go through border control and collect luggage.

🇫🇷 Selecting a restaurant

Whether you’re in the mood for a big meal or a snack, France’s got you covered:

  • Le restaurant – Go here if you’re up for a big meal.

  • Le bistro(t) – Head here if you feel more casual.

  • La brasserie – Go here for comfort food, traditional food, and beer.

  • Le café – Enjoy coffee, tea, drinks, snacks, sandwiches, croque monsieur

  • La crêperie – Head here for galettes and crêpes.

  • Le bar – Go here for a drink.

  • Le bar à vin – This is the place if you’re in the mood for wine.

🇫🇷 Restaurant La place Royale

2B Place des Vosges (Le MARAIS district)

PRICE RANGE $17 - $49

SPECIAL DIETS Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten Free Options

Have a true Parisian moment on the most beautiful square of Paris, Place des Vosges, formerly Royal Square. Le restaurant is on the south side of the square, just near the Victor Hugo museum (N0 6). Some of my friends say they had their best Coq au Vin and top crème brûlée! I highly recommend it for its unbeaten location like Café Marly for Le Louvre.

🇫🇷 "Je voudrais la tarte Tatin, s'il vous plaît."

🇫🇷 "Et moi, la crème brûlée, merci!"