Sparkle some French & Aloha Poetry in your life with Rimbaud Style

I am in Hawaï (#ohau) with my family and thanks to Paka and Brandon at our cherished restaurant « The Deck » in Waikiki (@ Queen Kapiolani Hotel , Ono = delicious = délicieux ), the Poetry revives the urge to sparkle French poetry in your life! A Life with joy to share, food to share, music to share, around a table and conversation with strangers and locals « une alchimie - Aloha - joy of life » Freedom, Equality. and Brotherood to sparkle your life for Always - pour toujours!

Here is my favorite poem of Rimbaud (say it like wrainh-bo) :

Voici mon poème favori de Rimbaud: Sensation (From French)