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3/10/22 The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Fabulous Homes in France

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Bonne nouvelle! Good News! La saison 2 est disponible sur Netflix! Vous allez adorer! C'est formidable! C'est top! C'est super! Bienvenue dans des maisons fabuleuses, un château en Normandie, des chalets grandioses, une villa avec une vue splendide! Et découvrez une famille francaise très sympathique:

Good news! Season 2 is available on Netflix! You will love it! It's formidable! It's great! It's awesome! Welcome to fabulous houses, a castle in Normandy, grandiose cabins, and a villa with a splendid view! And discover a very friendly French family.

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Let me introduce you to a fun inspiring new French reality program on Netflix. I just watched the first episode and I was literally transported to Paris by the Kretz family.

They own a family business selling extraordinary apartments and homes in Paris and Europe. You can fantasize more about walking through those jewels, much less living in it but the expansive drone shots and other views of Paris just make me want to go back to Paris right now!

The french family keeps it sweet, simple, and fun while inviting us in the most luxurious properties, designer creations, and owner's secrets. La famille (the family) jokes around like froggies.

It's all about the "GONG" and sharing the profit equally between the members of the family.

"UN POUR TOUS, TOUS POUR UN'' (one for all, all for one).

The mousquetaires will be proud of them and I am happy to share with you my favorite French rallying cry!

For the ones that missed the 1st series, the 1st episode cracked me up when the brothers of the family set up their 87-year-old grandmother Majo on a senior dating site. Les coquins! (the little devils!)

Their client, Lisa, is the CEO of her own lingerie company. Her budget? A mere 8 to 10 million euros and she is only 35 years old. When Valentin shows her a modern home, accessible by a boat up the Seine, she likes its luxury touches ( J'adore the retractable pool!) but she dislikes the cold atmosphere of this modern house. A 19th-century mansion will turn out to be a better match, despite the “masculine” main bathroom. Though Sandrine (the mom) has another client sniffing around. You better decide quickly!

The dad Olivier and his sons drive 50 km (31 miles) outside of Paris to tour a castle that has a redesigned interior, thanks to its owner, a notorious designer. This is a “big whale” listing that doesn't happen very often. Martin and Olivier are eager to get the listing — The owner shows us a very peculiar toilet that explains very well a French expression "Aller sur le trône" (going to the bathroom = aller aux toilettes) - Quand l’expression « aller sur le trône » prend tout son sens! Lol! Pardon my French!

I won't say much more... = Je ferme ma boîte à camembert! (I shut my mouth!) And will let you enjoy and discover this show.

Enjoy the new series and catch it back if you missed it!

BON VOYAGE! and keep on learning French, it gives you wings!

Miss Valerie

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