The Strange French Letter Le “ç” or “le c cédille”

🇫🇷 What to Not Miss in your Next French Visit to Paris

Don't miss the Galerie Lafayette Haussman - FOR YOUR NEXT TRIP TO PARIS

- for an amazing Parisian Shopping Spree, See Paris from a great ROOFTOP, and glass walk

in the Heart of the Parisian Fashion Center.

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Welcome to Paris, the world’s fashion capital!

Galeries Lafayette is one of Paris' most popular, chic, and distinguished shopping centers. This majestic Art Nouveau steel and glass Coupole became the iconic symbol of the mall and are part of a historical tour.

Beauty and fashion enthusiasts are passionately attached to this city, where some of the most remarkable fashion moments happened since the time of Kings and Queens.

Paris is the city where Marie Antoinette used to spend heavily on fashion and where Coco Chanel invented the iconic Little Black Dress.

Today in Paris, designers both young and old continue to intensely create and enthrall the fashion world. Twice a year is held Paris Fashion week where Chanel, Christian Dior, Givenchy, and many renowned creators exhibit their collections. Those fond of fashion shows knows that the Coupole holds a weekly fashion show at 3 p.m. every Friday on its 4th floor. The latest trends from the world’s leading names in fashion are displayed.

The Galeries Lafayette also hosts Lafayette Maison, the ideal spot for those who are looking for fine linens and kitchen supplies. The store is located just next door to L’Homme.

Numerous renowned fashion brands are headquartered in Paris and are available in Galeries Lafayette - You can also order online.

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