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Order Food like a Frenchy in Paris

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Best Parisian Hidden Bistro Provencal, 8 mns walk from the Place des Vosges.

CHEZ JANOU – 2, rue Roger Verlomme – 75003 (Marais, Rive droite)

“J’adore l’atmosphère de ce resto!”

(I love the vibe of this restaurant)

They don’t have an English menu, but the staff speaks English and can translate for you if you have questions.

In Paris and France, always ask for “le menu du Jour” (the menu of the day)

It is always fresher as served only on that day, and it turns out to always be more economical (around 18/24 euros per restaurant) and you get:

  1. Une entrée (appetizer)

  2. Un plat principal (main course)

  3. Un dessert

To ask about their “menu du jour”, you will say:

“Quel est le menu du jour, aujourd’hui?”

(what is the menu of the day, today?)

Ordering drinks in French

If you are not sure which wine to get, always ask for the house wine. It better be good, believe me, otherwise the restaurant would have been closed by now as the French know their wine! Plus, the house wine is always a better price for a sure good taste.

“Je voudrais le vin de la maison, s’il vous plait.”

(I would like the house wine, please.)

  1. un café — Coffee

  2. un thé — Tea